We are a group of young and passionate individuals, creating a dent in a highly competitive security and door industry. Both of which are overdue for innovative solutions that would not only add value to the building, but to the Client as well.

2012 - The beginning

It all started in Cape Town in 2012, when we decided to introduce modern security doors that were manufactured in Europe. We assisted Clients in selecting designs, guided them through different options and managed all their logistical nightmares. In short, we were an Import Company. 


2013 - The big move 

In 2013, we analyzed population and crime trends, together with household numbers in South Africa and realised that we needed to open our operations in Gauteng. This was a great move :) 

Something is wrong

We were not happy with the entire import set-up. First of all you are just a "middle man" and add hardly any value to the countries economy. Secondly, you are not in control of your product. Thirdly, lead times are just too long. And lastly, in order to fulfill our dream of modern high security doors becoming a household name in South Africa, we had to control the entire process as well as have a locally based manufacturing set-up. 


2016 - Doing what's right

We decide to start our own manufacturing of modern high security doors in South Africa. Best move so far:) 

So, where are we now?

We have our own product which was designed and developed by us. Through trial and error, we now have a product that is:

  • Designed by us in South Africa

  • The entire range of materials required is sourced locally from South Africa

  • Everything is done by people living in South African.

  • And most importantly we have a product that is truly great. 

Regardless of what type of door you might be looking for, imagine one single door that can do everything you need:

  • Provide high security

  • Keep your home warm

  • Be fire resistant

  • Block off the sound

  • Last for many years without deformation or swelling, and of course look amazing. 

What's our future?

Many people would agree that if every entry to the house could be impregnable, house robberies in South Africa would dramatically reduce.

Same as fatalities on the roads, with ever progressing built-in safety features in the vehicles we drive. The future is bright!