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GDC Security Door

  • L-shaped steel profile frame

  • High Security lock

  • 10 locking bolts securing all 4 sides of the door

  • Hinges are protected by four 16mm locking bolts

  • Every bolt is protected by round steel tubing

  • Entire door leaf is designed to prevent easy deformation

  • Locks are placed in individual steel boxes for protection

  • High security cylinder protected from drilling or manipulation

Conventional Wooden Door

  • Not designed with security in mind

Conventional Security Gate

  • Not designed with security in mind

  • Visual deterrent from amature burglars with no previous experience in crime


GDC Security Door

  • Doors are designed using state of art AutoCad and Inventor design systems allowing for extreme precision and overall quality by removing human factor from the cycle

  • Door panels are CNC cut to provide precision.

  • Final product is sprayed painted and cured for smooth finish

Conventional Wooden Door

  • Conventional wood door can look and feel really great if reputable manufacturer is used, although majority of the doors in South Africa are of a very low quality

Conventional Security Gate

  • Not applicable


GDC Security Door

  • The door is made out of a steel core structure which is welded together therefore the final product is for life.

  • Metal structures are powder coated to extend a life cycle for final paint finish

  • Decorative panels are made from water resistant materials and spray painted and cured to achieve hard paint finish which is there to last

Conventional Wooden Door

  • No warranties are provided for wood doors as wood is known for deteriation and deformation over time when exposed to conditions.

  • A low quality door might need to be replaced within a couple of months of purchase and a good quality door might only last a couple of years

Conventional Security Gate

  • Steel security doors are made out of steel structures which are mostly powder coated.


GDC Security Door

  • The door has thermal insulation of rock wool

  • The inner structure of security door is specifically designed so that insulation sheets can be placed throughout the entire door

  • Weather seals on frame and door leaf providing double barrier for thermal and sound insulations

Conventional Wooden Door

  • Conventional wooden doors are not designed for thermal or sound insulation purposes but the one can increase it slightly by placing certain rubber seals on its frame.

Conventional Security Gate

  • Does not provide thermal insulation or sound insulation at all


GDC Security Door

  • Similar product price starts at R18,500.00. Installations should be taken into account and could be around R4000.00-R5000.00 for Gauteng or Cape Town areas. 

Conventional Wooden Door

  • Fully assembled door could cost between R4000.00 and R12,000.00

  • One has to take into account required frame, hinges, locks, primer and paint that has to be applied.

  • The one significant price factor to be taken into consideration is labour as one would require a skilled carpenter to hang the door so that it is installed correctly. This could cost up to R5000.00. Total is up to R17,000.00 for a good quality wooden door fully installed.

Conventional Security Gate

  • Reasonable quality security gate or retractable security “door” would cost you around R6000.00 -R7000.00 installed.

  • Although it is the cheapest product you can use, you would still need to take a wooden door into account, or if you have a door already you would need to ask yourself if this is a "security" measure you would like to spend money on


GDC Security Door

  • A steel core door with decorative durable finishes will provide you not just with a very heigh security level but will also save you energy, last many years and most importantly will look amazing while doing it.

  • Such product prices cannot be compared with cheap market “alternatives” but comes at the same price level as a good quality wooden door with security gate in front of it.

Conventional Wooden Door

  • Taking into account the price one might pay for a good quality wooden door and what one would receive in terms of door performance and durability it is fair to conclude that the overall value is low.

  • In addition one might need to take into account the need for a security gate to be installed to marginally increase security of the entrance. Total price for such a solution might reach up to R20,000.00 – R25,000.00 for a solution that ultimately provides only privacy and nothing else.

Conventional Security Gate

  • Besides the fact that one would still need a normal wooden door to be installed, a security gate is not there to provide security, but only act as a deterrent from amateur
    burglars. Is is commonly known that these types of systems do not work.

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