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Site Visit

Site visit and detail measurements are as important as the security door itself. We will meet with you and patently guide you through all the options available as well as do detail measurements so your new doors is a perfect fit in your property. Your understanding of the product and how its made is extremely important for us to deliver exactly what is expected



Our highly qualified team will then design your door to the smallest detail, so everything fits perfectly. Every part that goes into the final product is designed individually to ensure precision, functionality as well as high security ratings. We do no compromise on anything. 




For part manufacture we will use the most advanced machinery available to produce high quality parts (CNC). In-house assembly team will assemble the door and prepare for painting. We will then use high quality, long lasting paint finish. Final assembly as well as inspection is done before the new door is packed in the box for transport. 



In order to ensure the highest quality from start to finish, our in-house installations team will install your high-security door. Although the door can be install by your contractor, we would still highly recommend  using our technicians as much as possible to ensure overall product warranty. 

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