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"The pricing of every security door is calculated based on the actual cost of materials used, therefore as a result, the best value for your money can be achieved for larger doors than standard sized doors. In other words, doors up to 2400 x 1250mm in size cost the same as standard sized doors. Smaller doors simply have more wastage, whereas larger doors do not. Thus we pass this value onto the client"

Installations are priced separately depending on location as well as site accessibility.

Sizes in millimeters. Calculator is limited to 2050 x 880mm as minimum size and 2400 x 1250mm as maximum, although we can manufacture larger or smaller, this would need to be calculated manually 

MDF stands for Medium density fiber board and is more commonly known as supawood in South Africa. It is not suitable for outside conditions.

Birtch Ply wood if treated is suitable for outside conditions however still requires sufficient covering for long lasting finish

Design moldings could be difficult to understand, however 6mm or 12mm grove is the most commonly used for door designs with horizontal line effects or similar. Victorian is more traditional looks, similar to what you would see installed at old Victorian style homes hence the name 

Architraves is a nice and easy way of finishing round the frame and the wall. It also makes the door look larger and more complete unless of course your home design does not have this feature. 

We work with European standard color charts which is commonly known as RAL color pallet. This can be access only by simply googling RAL color pallet. Our sales person would have it with his as well during your consultation on site.

We only use Italian locks ISEO as we find them to be far more reliable then similar alternatives. Should you want we can source and install different manufacturer lock. 

Threshold is bottom part of the frame. Its highly recommended for exterior door for insulation

Dropdown seal is highly recommended for the exterior doors without threshold. Without it, the door will have very little insulation properties. 

Additional day lock for clients is more specific request such as separate locking system for staff working at the property etc.

Peephole also known as spy hole

Cylinder protection is additional protection against cylinder manipulation

Lion Knocker has become ever so popular for our doors with Victorian design doors

Residential Range is our most popular door model offering more then adequate security level for majority of households in South Africa

Safe By Design is a step up from Residential Range

Anti-Bandit Range is bullet proof option doors

Industrial Range is steel finish doors that would be used in industrials environments 

Leave us additional comments should you thing there is something important to take into account as it might affect your price estimate. 

Price estimates does not guarantee actual price of the door and should serve as estimate for budgeting purposes only.


We do not generally offer installations outside of Gauteng, however it can be arranged in special cases. Full on installations in Gauteng are cost around R8500.00 Incl VAT at the moment which involves removing of old door and installations of a new one based on standard size doors. Prices can be lower or higher depending on individual circumstances. 

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