Modern consumer deserves modern products that fits the environment he lives..

Although steel structure doors with decorative MDF finishes have been around now for a few decades, we still find regions around the world that it comes somehow as a surprise and an average consumer would not think that it is the product to be suitable for the house use.

With more and more sensible people deciding to go with the steel doors for their homes, we still spend most of our time educating huge crowds of people of why this is the way to go.

To help deliver this message we need to go many years back to almost stone ages and understand why doors were created as an object and what was primary reason for the door. To answer in short it was done for security, hash weather conditions, privacy and sound blockage reasons. The reasoning was pretty clear, so how come we cannot achieve this in so many years and still accept flimsy wooden doors that deliver only one of the mentioned aspects – privacy. What about more important aspects such as security and insulation? Also, with the door being the most used item in the house why do we build it from weak materials such as wood.

The main reason of using steel to construct the door is strength, which we cannot achieve with such materials as wood. Strength is needed for life lasting durability and of course for security. However, we cannot ignore the fact that steel, as a material, is quite poor as an insulator, therefore we pack an entire structure with Rock-wool so the door becomes fully insulated from bad weather or protect us from fire hazards. With full customization options in terms of final designs and colors we can cover an entire structure and transform this door into something that could easily be called “furniture” in your house rather than just a door

In 2016 use products that represent the age we are living in and not something that has been invented 1000 years ago and no improvement has been done till now..

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