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When can you call a door "Security Door"?

If you are considering a good quality high security door one of the most important features of the new burglar door must be high security. Worldwide market of the so-called security doors has developed drastically over the pasted 20 years.

What features must a good secure door have to be considered to be a good security door?

A true secure door must be made of very strong materials, which gives a door this overly glorified name “Security Door”. High quality security door is made completely of steel core structure which is not mass produced, as every property has its own specifications involved around security risks involved, and it is covered externally with wood or other materials for decorative purposes. Without doubt, the greater the thickness of the sheeting and the better the quality of the elements with which it is manufactured, the greater will be resistance to attacks from the outside.

Main aspects to be taken into account:

  1. Armored doors are designed to be security doors meaning that the frame and door leaf is constructed is such a way that is very difficult to deform it. Structure cannot be made as a simple steel box and it should have as many bending angles as possible to resist potential attacks. There's an old myth that you can't fold a single sheet of paper in half more than seven times, because each time you make a fold, the thickness of the paper doubles, and soon requires impossible amounts of energy to finish the crease. Try it at home J

  2. Regardless of how strong your structure is, you need high security locks which has been tested to an extend to specify them as security lock.

  3. The lock has to be properly installed and protected so that external manipulations is not easily possible

  4. Cylinder is the weakest point of such door, therefore it has to be secured and protected from snapping, drilling and easy access to it.

  5. Hinges might be the weak point, but not if they are protected by locating pins on its side. Even if the hinges are cut, door should remain in place.


In order for there to be maximum protection, the entire “door system” must be installed by a skilled and qualified installations team. An efficient installation is one which makes it difficult to remove the frame from the door, so it must be fixed to the wall at several points and with sufficiently long bolts.


As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. It cannot be stressed enough that investing in security is always an excellent decision, so as not to have to pay much more later (in both an economic and psychological sense).

No matter how efficient an electronic alarm can be, it will never be sufficient without the security provided by good quality doors and windows, fitted with the correct locks and suitable for the specific needs.

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