Why does your wooden front door not come with a warranty?

So why does your front door not come with a warranty? Surely it should. It is supposed to be a permanent fixture in your house until the day you decide to change the overall look of your front entrance.

All timber doors are made from what was once a living thing. Mother nature made it and all man could do is chop it down, cut it up, store it, treat it and make something out of it.

So all we can do as a man, is guarantee the bit we do. Assemble it into something and take some responsibility for where we put it.

Surely then, mother nature would have to guarantee the natural material, as she is the only one that truly can.

This is why wooden door manufacturers cannot accept responsibility for the inherent issues associated with the use of timber products, especially exterior doors or where external forces have influence upon it. We totally understand this, but then the question we find ourselves asking is if wood is the correct material to use for such products. Front doors are constantly exposed to the outside elements.

With years ticking by more and more architects, as well as home owners, specify Steel or Aluminum composite front doors for this very reason - it can outlast a wood only door. With ever advancing materials these doors can look absolutely amazing and easily outshine any wooden door out there.

Although the cost of such doors is higher than alternative wooden front doors, perhaps it's worth it, taking into account the durability, security as well as insulation that comes with a properly insulated door.


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