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How to secure your windows on the budget?

We are pretty great when it comes to doors. However, we keep getting questions of what to do with your windows. People ask what the point of one of our doors is if the window next to it can be broken into. Valid question and it demands a strong answer. Why should you invest in the door if you have a window next to it?

(And although we manufacture high security windows, it might not be needed for an average family, facing normal types of risks while living in South Africa).

The first thing that one has to take into consideration is that statistically hardly any criminals go through your window. Why so? Its simple, it's noisy, risky, as well as a major inconvenience. Let's cover each of these issues:

NOISY - a professional house burglar understands that they need to be as discreet and quiet as possible while making their way in and out of the property. Breaking a glass window is not a great option.

RISKY - broken pieces of glass can injure the burglar while they are trying to get in and out undetected in a short period of time. Imagine a person trying to get into your house through your window and getting badly cut by the broken glass. Blood everywhere, alarms are ringing, blood is dripping and you still have to clean the place out. Although it is possible and does happen, the possibility of someone going through all this is slim. Unless the person is an amateur...Which is a good think I suppose ;)

INCONVENIENCE - This is a major factor why every professional burglar would want to avoid access to the property through the window. Even if they manage to get in without causing too much noise and not hurting themselves, they then need to get the stolen goods out through the same window. It would slow them down as well as make them look very suspicious. I would never think twice if I saw people moving through the front door with some stuff in their hands. But If I see a person crawling through the window with your TV set, I would stop and call the police immediately. No explanations needed.

So anyway, what do you do with your windows? There is this idea of installing some sort of silly clear safety guards or security shutters in South Africa. The majority of them can be breached in less than a minute. If you have a business with these types of products, put your product to the test or send it over to us and we will prove to you that none of them are security installations at all. And although some of them might be pretty good, but not the ones that are commonly available in South Africa. It’s made from plastic with cheap locks! The cost for such items could be R3000.00 per square meter and up to sky high.

So what we suggest.

Place safety film on your windows. It will be around R500.00 per square meter and the results will be the same if not better. Cheap, cheerful and no unsightly security measures to ruin your décor. There are plenty of great guys out there who can do it for you. Think of your cars front shield window. Does it break easily when you are in an accident?

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