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What is Anti-Bandit Door?

Anti-Bandit doors are arguably the most famous door types in the South Africa’s security industry. In fact, an Anti-Bandit door is like the bread to a sandwich when it comes to overall security solution on any given premises.

The primary function of an Anti-Bandit door is to resist attack and to delay access to a protected space for a short period. More advanced Anti-Bandit security doors should be able to resist different caliber ammunition. Typically, when it comes to bullet resistance, there are three different categories:

  1. G1 Anti Bandit - Resisting 9mm Parabellum

  2. G2 Anti Bandit - Resisting 357 Magnum & 12 Gauge shotgun

  3. G3 Anti Bandit - Resisting AK47 Rifle or similar

What are the most important aspects when choosing a good Anti-Bandit security door?

  • By far the most important feature of the door, which should be of the highest importance, is how it performs during a physical attack, using different type of tools, ranging from simple physical force to crowbars and hammers. A door that can be easily opened by kicking or simply wedging it open with the crowbar is not an Anti-Bandit door regardless of its capability of resisting certain caliber bullets.

  • Something that a lot of us overlook is the cylinder quality as well as its protection. Always demand high security cylinder and a cylinder protection kit. You can have the most advanced security door in the world that costs a lot of money, but if your cylinder can be compromised, the door is worthless in the end.

  • Bullet resistance. Determine what level of security you require. What are you protecting and what is the likelihood of a potential invader to carry a firearm? If you are planning to install an Anti-Bandit door to separate your living area from the bedrooms, perhaps bullet resistance is not the most important feature your door should have because the likelihood of you standing behind the door, at risk of being shot, is low. On the other hand, if a door is being installed on premises handling large amounts of cash payments, the highest security level Anti-Bandit door is recommended.

It’s always a good idea to take some time and consider your specific security needs, as well as your personal risk profile, in order to get exactly what you need and something that is going to work in the event of an attack. Consider chatting to a security consultant before making your final decision.

Anti Bandit Door

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