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3 Reasons to Invest in Security Doors

When people start thinking about investing in their home security, they often look to secure their windows first. Movies and other media often give off the impression that if an intruder wants to make their way into your home, they’re most likely to target your windows. In actuality, the opposite is the case. If you want to put your hard earned money where the statistics say it should be, security for your doors should be your number one priority. Thankfully, there are ways to protect these entrances to your home. Security screen doors are specially made to prevent anyone from taking advantage of your home through one of its main entrances. They’re on the pricier end of things (a cheap one will cost about R12,000.00), but if you’re looking to invest your money into a proven safeguard and solution, you’ll want to take a look at your options. Here, are five things that make having a security screen door absolutely irresistible when you’re looking at your home security plan.

1)Stronger frames than ordinary doors

In action movies, kicking down doors is a daily occurrence. Have you ever wondered if your door could withstand that kind of a hit? You wouldn’t have to wonder if you had a security door. The frames are much stronger on a security door than they are on any other kind of door. You’ll have three options when it comes to the kind of material the doors are made from: steel, aluminum, or a metal alloy. Steel is usually the best option because you’ll only need it to be 1.6-2 mm wide to secure your home. Because aluminum and metal alloys are weaker, doors made of those materials will need to be much thicker. There are a lot of different things to consider when you’re picking what you want your security door to be made from, but any of those options will hold up better than a wooden door.

2)More than just your average lock

Security doors are protected with more than just an average lock. The locks on these doors are usually made of a stronger, heavy-duty material that prevents an intruder from breaking it. Doors that aren’t made for security can’t last long against brute strength, and neither can their locks. Make sure that when you’re securing your doors, you aren’t just opting for something sub-par. A security screen door will offer you all the reinforcement you need to protect you from intruders.

3)70% of intruders enter through a door

Like we mentioned earlier, statistics show that window break ins are far less common than intruders entering through a door. Average doors aren’t built to withstand brute force attacks or be sophisticated enough to thwart thieves. When you look at a security door though, you know you’re getting everything you paid for and more. Investing in this security option will allow you to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your family is safer.

Security doors are ideal for every family and homeowner situation. While they can be more expensive than other security measures, they live up to their price. They will last for many years and provide one layer of security for your home. Having one form of security is good but it is better to have many.


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