Revolutionary Residential Range by Great Door Company

It has been many years since the very first day we started to think of security door manufacturing. Re-thinking security doors. Providing something that works. Providing an option to South Africans that actually works and looks great. The most important thing back then was to provide a security solution to every household. The original idea was great but we were struggling with pricing. We could not build something that was affordable, therefore we remained exclusive to very few South Africans.

After so many years of learning as well as investing, we finally put ourselves in a position to build a door that is competitively priced that even we cannot believe we can finally offer this. A Residential Range. Built for the majority of households in South Africa, taking affordability as the main focus. The whole idea of properly securing your front door or sleeping area is now possible. And it can cost just over R8000.00, based on a standard size door. A wooden door on its own can cost you over R8000.00, without even including the security gate.

Residential Range doors are purpose made doors designed for homes or commercial properties where the risk of burglary is low. As a result, the doors are lighter as well as economical. Residential Range doors offer thermal as well as sound insulation and are capable of resisting physical attacks where no heavy duty tools are used.

What are the main benefits of Residential range and what are the biggest disadvantages?

Lets start with the positives.

First and foremost, its cheap! It would start at just over R8000.00 for a fully assembled door with high security locks. What does it mean to be fully assembled? It means the frame, hinges, door, locks, designs, and pretty much everything. This type of door can not be physically kicked in or forced open. It will outperform any conventional security solution that is found in the majority of the households. Some of us might say that R8000.00 as a starting point is a lot, however, one would have to take into account the cost of a wooden door with its frame, ironmongery such as locks, hinges as well as a carpenter to fit it. Also, you will have to purchase a security gate to give your wooden door more security. And not to mention the insulation that cannot be achieved with a conventional wooden door.. So to conclude, price, security, durability, insulation is what sums up the top 4 benefits of such a door. Its simply the way to go.

On the negative side, you will be limited with some designs as at the moment, we only have 6 to choose from, however, since this is a new product we would encourage you to request or suggest, and you never know, we might just add some extra designs:)

We do not install these doors therefore you will have to arrange your own installations. We will provide you with an instruction manuals as well as videos, so do not worry. Should you need to give us a call during your installations, the option is also there. And if you are close by we will send an expert free of charge to give your builder a tip or two.

So call us. Come and see us. OR come and see our Residential Range.

We honestly think that this is the best product on the market. Period. Show us better if you will!

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